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IMG 20210121 1522Hey, I’m Eric, an export veteran with 10+ years experience of procurement and international logistics. Previously, I was responsible for helping clients purchase products from China in an export company. Now, I’m sharing everything I know to help you buy products from China online.

Topics We Cover

012 fashion designer


How to buy on Taobao directly or through an agent, choose products and sellers, solve your Taobao-related problems

016 online shopping


How to buy from 1688.com, pick up supplier, contact and pay to suppliers, how to make money from 1688.com

005 bookkeeping


The method of payment to Chinese sellers, exchange rate, the cheapest and fastest payment method to pay for Chinese sellers.

026 seo and web


Introduce popular international shipping methods, choose the right logistics from China to the world

023 public relations


Tips and tricks for dealing with Chinese suppliers, popular communication tools.

009 social media marketing


Reviews of best Taobao agents, 1688 .com agents, payment methods and shipping methods.

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New To Taobao?

How To Buy From Taobao: Step-by-Step Guide

This article describes in detail every aspect of buying from Taobao, including registration, ordering, payment, logistics, customer service, and more. If you are a Taobao newbie, I highly recommend you read!

Taobao Official Shipping?

Complete Guide to Taobao Official Shipping

Taobao website does not have a lot of information about shipping in English, so my article describes the official shipping methods, prices, and prohibited items. If you are buying directly from Taobao, you can’t miss this article.

Pick A Taobao Agent?

Best Taobao Agent of 2023: My Picks and Why I Choose Them

This article lists the popular Taobao agents on the market. by reviewing their pros and cons, as well as comparing their shipping and service fees, it can help you choose a suitable agent.

Items You Can't Buy?

36 Things Taobao Can’t Ship Internationally

You can’t buy all products on Taobao. Some products on taobao cannot be shipped to you for various reasons. This article exactly tells you which products you should avoid to purchase.

Buy From 1688.com?

How To Buy From 1688.Com As A Foreigner

This article introduces in detail the steps and methods of buying from 1688.com as a foreigner. If you want to wholesale or make money from 1688.com, you should read this article!

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